Susanna Leppänen

Susanna Leppänen

sexual therapist and midwife

I'm Susanna Leppänen, sexual therapist and midwife. As a midwife I have worked with gynaecological diseases and women who have given birth.

Sexuality is an essential part of humanity in all periods of life. It includes for example gender, gender identity, gender roles, sexual identity, pleasure, eroticism, relationships... To my reception I welcome everyone from every age, background, sexual- and gender identity and period of life. You can come alone or with your partner/partners.

You can come as you are, I will meet with you warmly just the way you are. As a sexual therapist I am empathic and warm and I strive to create a safe space where we can discuss confidentially about you and what is on your mind.

For one person my appointments are for 45 minutes but if you come with a partner/partners, we will book a longer time, around 1 hour and 15 minutes. We can meet in person but also remotely, however it suits best for you. I might have available times on our website, but for booking an appointment you can also contact me via e-mail: or call our reception 09 75 101000.

45 minutes 90€
75 minutes 145€

Sexual therapy