Janna Rosenqvist

Janna Rosenqvist

Physiotherapist, maternity and pelvic floor physiotherapist

I'm a maternity and pelvic floor physiotherapist. As a result of my long athletic background I decided to apply for a Master's degree in sport science at Lund University, from where I graduated in 2015.

After becoming a mother my interest in physiotherapy of prenatal and postnatal women, including the pelvic floor and its dysfunction, grew stronger. Pre- and postnatal exercise, treatment of diastasis recti and scar tissues after e.g. a caesarean section, stand close to my heart. I am also specialised in the prevention of urinary incontinence as a result of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Prevention and an early access to treatment is important. Young women as well as older women may have pelvic floor dysfunctions, such as urinary incontinence due to weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, or pain in the pelvic area due to overactive muscles of the pelvic floor.

I treat my clients with gentleness. I listen to your wishes and goals, and on that basis I will build a suitable plan for your treatment. With the help of ultra-sound I can examine e.g. your diastasis recti. In order to examine the condition of your pelvic floor muscles I have the possibility to use a EMG biofeedback device. Training of your pelvic floor can be supported by using electro therapy to stimulate weakened muscles or to calm an overactive bladder. Multiprofessional cooperation is very important to me and something I enjoy a lot. I will turn to my colleagues any time its needed in order for you to get the best possible treatment.

You are most warmly welcome to see me. Please contact me at if you can't find a suitable time.

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