Our fees

Our fees comprise of a consultant’s fee, test and examination fees (ultrasound, etc.) and administration fees. We provide direct reimbursement from Kela, the Social Insurance Institute of Finland, meaning that you only need to pay the non-reimbursed part of the fee. The direct reimbursement requires you to present a valid Kela card.

Consultant’s fee100-155 €
Ultrasound examination83-130 € + consultant fee
Early pregnancy ultrasound from approx.from 180 €
NIPT-test (non-invasive prenatal test)450 € + consultant fee + ultrasound examination
Cervical smear testfrom 65 €
Mammography and breast ultrasound262 €
Breast ultrasound232 €

Bone density scan

197 €
Physiotherapistfrom 107 €
Renewing a prescription20 €
Administration fee30 €

The fees are valid from January the 1rd, 2024. If you miss your appointment without cancellation, we reserve the right to charge the consultant’s fee either partly or in its entirety. You can find a full list of our fees at our clinic or by calling us at 09 7510 1000.

Opening hours


Monday to Thursday 8am to 7.30pm
Friday 9am to 3pm

Laboratory services

Monday to Thursday 8am to 7pm
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