Psychotherapy in Femeda

Discussing psychological problems and life’s changes and crises with a psychotherapist.

At times the turning points in life can trigger major questions, despair, uncertainty and grief. Psychotherapy means going through psychological problems and life’s changes and crises together with a qualified psychotherapist.

Psychotherapy in Femeda

We offer individual therapy, relationship counselling, sexual therapy, prenatal or postnatal therapy, and therapy to overcome your labour and delivery fears. Depending on the nature of the problem, the therapy can be either short term or long term.

Psychotherapists in Femeda

Psychotherapists in Femeda - Outi Ansamaa


Terveydenhoitaja, kätilö, paripsykoterapeutti, seksuaaliterapeutti, EMDR-terapeutti, Fisherin eroseminaarin ohjaaja

Psychotherapists in Femeda - Kirsi Juutilainen


Psychotherapist, early interaction psychotherapist, relationship psychotherapist