Sexual therapy

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Sexual therapy and relationship counselling

Dealing with sexuality-related questions or problems with a sex therapist. Relationship counselling to improve the interaction between partners.

Why sexual therapy?

Sexual therapy is an opportunity to explore your sexuality and its challenges with a qualified therapist.

Reason for sexual therapy can include, for example:

  • sexual addictions, such as excessive viewing of pornography, which has a negative effect on the relationship and everyday life.
  • low sex drive or incompatible sex drives
  • finding and empowering your sexuality. Also suitable for senior patients looking to improve their quality of life and feel happier.
  • sexual diversity, discovering your own sexual identity.
  • sexual dysfunction (such as erection problems, vaginal dryness), for example during and after treatment for prostrate or breast cancer.

Relationship counselling

Relationship counselling is crucial maintenance for your most intimate relationship. The consultation allows both parties to safely express their own needs and emotions. The aim is to improve how the couple interacts, as well as strengthen and revitalise the relationship.

Reasons for relationship counselling can include:

  • interaction problems
  • incompatible sex drives or a low sex drive
  • infidelity
  • various life crises and their effects on the relationship
  • jealousy

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Sexual therapists in Femeda

Ulla Oksala

Ulla Oksala

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