Elina Holopainen

Elina Holopainen

D.Med.Sc., Specialist, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, subspecialty training in Reproductive Medicine

I work as a full-time specialist at the Hormone Outpatient Clinic of Women’s Hospital, part of Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), in which my specific area of responsibility is adolescent gynaecology. I also treat many patients for infertility. I have special expertise in women’s hormonal disorders. At Femeda I receive patients as a part-time practitioner.

I perform minor gynaecological procedures, such as the insertion of intrauterine devices and contraceptive implants, and the removal of skin abnormalities.

My aim is to listen to and treat women holistically, taking into account the effects of any underlying conditions on gynaecological treatment and follow-up. When it comes to young women’s first gynaecological consultations, I pay close attention to building trust in the care relationship.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Gynaecologist's consultation
Ultrasound examinations